Detoxing and cleansing is a unique experience for everyone. However, there are a few common symptoms that are often experienced by many people that we wanted to highlight to you...

Hungry Or Light-Headed

If you're feeling extremely hungry or constantly light-headed, please, by all means, add some extra snacks or increase your portion sizes. Suggested serving sizes of the juices, smoothies, and soups are merely a guide. We encourage you to adjust your intake based on the varying nature of your individual needs and preferences.

Headaches, Aches Or Pains

If you're suffering from headaches or aches and pains, it could be that you're going through withdrawal symptoms from eating a large amount of sugar, processed foods or caffeine. Remember these symptoms are temporary & will pass - your body is resetting! There a few things which we have found to help push past these symptoms. Firstly, remember to stay well hydrated with water or herbal tea. Secondly, if you are having intense sugar cravings we suggest adding additional fats to your soups & smoothies (like avocado, chia seeds and olive or coconut oil). Lastly, here is an article which helps to understand why we get such strong withdrawal symptoms from caffeine:

Changes To Bowel Movement

You may also notice your bowel movements change. The way each person’s body reacts is completely unique; however, you can expect some changes in frequency, color, and consistency during the cleanse. If you are suffering diarrhea or constipation, we recommend adding chia seeds into your smoothies. These seeds are full of fiber and help to regulate our bowel movements! Here is an article with some natural solutions for constipation:

Other Symptoms

If your symptoms are more severe, then please see your health practitioner. This cleanse should not be about toughing it out. It’s about respecting your body. If you don't yet have a trusted health practitioner, you can check out our recommended team here: 

The most important part of this cleanse is to respect your body & tune into your emotions. We are intelligent beings and our bodies are continuously communicating to us — if we are willing to listen. 

If you have any questions throughout the cleanse then please just reach out to our team via Live Chat - we're here 24/7 :)