We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing playback issues. 

Here are our top troubleshooting tips to try:

  1. Restart your Roku device. 
    • Unplug your Roku device so the the power is completely off 
    • Wait 1 minute
    • Plug the device back in and log in 
  2. Reboot your internet modem and/or wireless router. 
    • Unplug both from the wall power
    • Wait 30 seconds.
    • Plug back in.
  3. Check the speed of your internet connection. The speed utility will test your upload and download speed and will deliver results in Mbps (megabits per second). We recommend a minimum download speed of 10Mbps for smooth playback. Follow these steps to test the speed of your connection: 

If you have tried these steps & are still experiencing issues, please just reach out to us on Live Chat!