There is nothing better than watching FMTV on a big screen!! 

To watch FMTV on your Apple TV you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Plug your Apple TV device into your Smart TV and to a power source.
  2. Follow the prompts on your screen to set-up your Apple TV including connecting to your secure wifi network
  3. From the home screen, go to settings to log in to your iTunes account using your Apple ID
  4. From the homescreen, go to the App store to search and download the FMTV app
  5. Open the FMTV app and login to your FMTV account - good to go!

TIP: If you prefer, you can connect your apple iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV via bluetooth (in settings on Apple TV) and use your device instead of the Apple TV remote!

Please note that you can only add new apps such as the FMTV app to your Apple TV if it is a 4th generation device or newer. Unfortunately, it is not possible with older devices. If this does affect you, we recommend using another iOS device such as your iPhone to access FMTV and just mirror the screen to your TV via Airplay.

If you have any troubles, please just reach out to our team via live chat